Saturday, April 12, 2008

To Stay At Home, Or Not To Stay At Home... That Is The Question

Have you been confronted with the recession crisis yet? Have you noticed your interest rates on credit cards and unsecured loans shifting and moving upwards? Have you noticed the increase in fuel or the uprise in heating costs? I sure have!

Staying at home with my children was a decision my husband and I made once we reached Fort Bragg in April of 2006. I've always worked outside the home and being DINK's (dual income no kids) was a great life for a long time. Then having children changed our perspective. However watching our cost of living going higher and higher and looming rate hikes we decided its best for now if I do return to work.

It was a difficult decision and one we've struggled with for many months. Separating the main priorities from our desires was very emotionally draining. In the end, taking responsibility for our debt load, our home, our utilities and providing for my children took precedent over my desire to stay at home with them.

My father always tells me when you look behind you in your past decisions you laid every brick in that path. I want to make sure my path is the best for my family and myself. If your are in a similar situation try to maintain objectivity. Money is an unfortunate necessity in this day in age. You shouldn't feel guilty about providing for your family if you feel it is the only option open to you.

I've always resented the government or society dictating whether I should stay at home or work outside the home. Either choice is commendable.

If you are struggling with these same issues and would like to apply for government positions near your closest military station please utilize the following links. If you need assistance in applying and creating your resume please ask me.

God bless you and yours!

Cassie (mostly accounting positions)

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Elloise said...

Thanks for the info. I have been working from home for a wounderful company for a year now and I truly love it. It is always great to have such useful information because you never know in this day and time when you will need it.